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Our Precious Puppies!

If you think you have found the perfect puppy on our website,  Congratulations! We are so happy your found a new addition that you are excited about adopting from our kennel. We recommend that you order nuvet vitamins for your puppy before you bring it home. You will receive a sample when you pick your pup up ,but it will only last 4-6 days. Their link is www.nuvet.com/85240. Another domain link for training supplies is

  We give a lifetime guarantee for life threatening hereditary conditions. All of our puppies are groomed, handled, and played with on a daily basis to ensure proper socialization. This means when you get your new puppy, it will be playful and happy, not shy and fearful. All of the 8 week old puppies receive their first vaccinations so they are ready for their new homes, however, if your puppy is older, it may have had more vaccinations by the time he/she gets to your home. All of our puppies have their dew claws removed and the Welsh Terrier's tails are docked. We provide Coccidea prevention and deworming medication to all puppies so they have a safe, healthy start on life. All of our Basenjis are given a lifetime guarantee against Fanconi. Our puppies are well on their way in house training because they learn quite young from their mother to go outside. And finally all of our show puppies are given full registration papers EXCEPT for pet quality puppies and our retired breeders which are sold on a spay and neuter contract. We encourage everyone to spay and neuter if you have no intentions of showing because dogs live healthier, happier lives when they are neutered.  Not to mention the costs it takes to breed, show, and raise dogs along with all the unwanted puppies in our world today. However for those of you who are interested in showing and breeding, we do accept responsible breeders. 

Please contact us for more details and information on our dogs, we will be happy to talk to you about them.  We try to make purebred dogs affordable for responsible owners. We also offer 24-7 support for any dogs we produce. If you for some reason are unable to keep one of our puppies, please contact us. We are always willing to help you place one of our puppies or we are willing to take back any and all puppies we produce, however please call and set up an appointment so that we can be home to assist you.

Our Available Basenjis  
Three puppies available at this time. Check with us about our waiting list for later  fall/winter litters!

2 red and white boys ready Aug 7th. please contact us for updated pics and prices. We are taking deposits now.

Same reds, remember that black goes away as pups mature!

Tri boy ready August 10th, taking deposits now!

Our Available Welsh Terriers

We are planning summer litters, please contact us for our waiting list!