Nocturnal Kennels

A Kennel for Quality, Not Quantity

Our Girls

Adele Clear pra and fanconi

Helema and Jabari. Pra and fanconi clear

Venus,Vlad and Bakardi Playing

Our  Boys

Stirring it up Zimir

direct fanconi clear 



Lawton...soon to have a whole body picture. Very sweet but has a silly sense of humor! Fanconi and pra clear 

Lawton playing ball


Random Photos!

My grandaughter Gracie and little  Phoebe.....not quite sure about the Granddaughter thing!

Dresilla (retired and living with a new family)

Kolina,Annie and Drisilla as pups


Delilah, Dresilla, Annie and Kolina. 8 mos old (all retired and living in new homes)

Lenelle...8 wks old. Cream with some blue brindle markings. Retired and living in a great home!