Nocturnal Kennels

A Kennel for Quality, Not Quantity

About Nocturnal Kennels

Nocturnal Farm and Kennels, Co-owned by James and Sarah Lee, is a family run kennel located northwest of Roxboro, North Carolina. Our kennel is inspected by the AKC.  We have been raising Basenji's since the early 80's and I used to be active in showing some of them. I have had Dachshunds on and off since I was a grade school child. Our home and kennel sits on the middle of  23 acres of fenced in land so we know the dogs get plenty of exercise. Our dogs are our family pets and they get lots of attention from our family. Some of the dogs live full time inside with us while others switch back and forth for attention and to get used to living in our house. This helps a lot when we when we retire them at age 4-5. We do not want our adults to live in a kennel situation all their lives.  They live part of their lives in our Indoor outdoor heated and cooled kennels. The kennels have very large runs with lots of space for the dogs so they can get lots of exercise when they are in their kennels. They have an attached indoor kennel to provide a cozy shelter. Plenty of shelter, exercise, and sunlight for happy, healthy dogs. We maintain our own kennels so that we can ensure the dogs are well cared for and they live in a clean, happy, safe environment. 

All of our puppies are groomed, handled, and played with daily to ensure proper socialization. We alternate breedings  to ensure enough love and attention to go around to all the puppies at the time they are born.  Our dogs are not bred constantly because we love our dogs very much and we want to assure healthy litters and healthy parents.

I, Sarah, started showing Basenji's in the early 1980's when I acquired my first red and white female Basenji I named Keirra. I no longer show dogs due to health limitations. I have raised and bred dogs since the early 1980's. I am a Veterinary Technician since 1980 and have many yrs of experience which helps in the care of our dogs. My husband James and I married in 2005 and we decided to combine our passion for our love of Basenji's, Akbash dogs and Dachshunds, along with our farm animals...thus Nocturnal Kennels was started as our beloved business. We breed  heirloom livestock on our farm which helps with socialization. Our dogs share their lives with our farm animals which introduces them to a variety of different animals, including cats. Our Akbash dogs are guardian dogs in which protect our livestock. We breed them very rarely. 

Our dogs are bred for quality not quantity.  We breed for temperament and health along with physical conformation. All of our dogs are bred to the AKC breed standards.  If we don't like the way our  dogs conformation turns out, the dog is placed in a spay/neuter pet home.  

Our dogs are all kept on our property and the parents of all puppies we produce are on site and able to be seen by visitors. The parents and puppies can be viewed at anytime, however please let us know if you would like to come out and visit as we lead active lives with our  farm and dogs. We will gladly set up an appointment for you to come out and meet any and all of our dogs! We always enjoy company and love when people come out to visit the dogs! As do our dogs!

We do have a waiting list that we start before we breed a litter to help ensure there are enough homes for future litters. If you wish to be on the waiting list, please feel free to call or email us anytime. You can call us at 336-598-4765. Sometimes our email does not work (we only get hughes net here) so if there is not a response within 24 hours, please call us so we can help answer questions or anything you are interested in. Please bare with us! 

We love our dogs very much and we know that you will too! Please check out our available puppies and adults pages. As well as our basenji and dachshund pages!